By mean of technology, two major techniques are employed as the manufacturing process : Cold Forming and Hot Forging

The Cold Forming : The production process starts with bonderization of high quality wire rods, drawing and forming. After that the formed parts are machined by Computer Numeric Control (CNC) for utmost accuracy and precision. The thread rolling, heat treatment, and plating are then followed as the final stage of the total production process. Latest process and technologies from Shinko Bolt Co.,Ltd. are installed to establish a modern technical base for S10T Torque Shear Bolt which is widely use in the steel structural construction.

The Hot Forging
: The company acquired Press Forging and Hammer Forging System to meet increasing demand for the production of the highest standard products. Tonan Drop Forging Co.,Ltd., one of the famous Japanese company in auto industry, has been providing us with the latest technology of know-how, technology transfer and skilled personnel.

At Mahajak
, quality has been enthusiastically developed and can be realised from the rising demand in customers. Without support from these customers, the company would never have experienced today's success. The company has, therefore, endeavored to manufacture fastening products of bolt, nut and screw by continually improving its operation while adhering to the most stringent quality standard. Every step in production, from the use of best imported raw materials, the design, to the manufacturing process must undergo Quality Assurance System in accordance to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), Statistic Process Control is used constantly while process is underway to ensure the highest quality products. Preventive maintenance is carried out regularly to ensure that all machines are maintained at maximum output at all time.